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      Justin Bieber ได้รับรางวัลจาก MCA Music


Justin Bieber ได้รับรางวัลจาก MCA Music ด้วยยอดขาย 7x Platinumที่Philippines!

Check out this video of Justin Bieber receiving his 7x Platinum award from MCA Music Inc. for his albums in the Philippines. Congrats Justin!

MCA Music releases My Worlds-The Collection 2-cd deluxe album which contains 13 acoustic tracks and remixes plus all 18 songs included in ‘My Worlds’ album. 
Disc 1 
1. One Time (acoustic) 
2. Baby (acoustic) 
3. One Less Lonely Girl (acoustic) 
4. Down To Earth (acoustic) 
5. U Smile (acoustic) 
6. Stuck In The Moment (acoustic) 
7. Favorite Girl (live acoustic) 
8. That Should Be Me (acoustic) 
9. Never Say Never feat. Jaden Smith (acoustic) 
10. Pray 
11. Somebody To Love remix Feat. Usher 
12. Never Say Never feat. Jaden Smith (single version) 
13. Somebody To Love (J Stax Remix) 
Disc 2 
1. One Time 
2. Favorite Girl 
3. Down To Earth 
4. Bigger 
5. One Less Lonely Girl 
6. First Dance feat. Usher 
7. Love Me 
8. Common Denominator 
9. Baby feat. Ludacris 
10. Somebody To Love 
11. Stuck In The Moment 
12. U Smile 
13. Runaway Love 
14. Never Let You Go 
15. Overboard feat. Jessica Jarrell 
16. Eenie Meenie (Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston) 
17. Up 
18. That Should Be Me 
Justin Bieber’s “My Worlds- The Collection” is exclusively distributed under MCA Music, Inc. Get Justin Bieber’s hits on your cellphones! Simply text JB to 3456





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